Vip Tulips

These special tulips cannot truly be referred to as a ‘topping’. They have been treated from the bottom up instead of on top. Like many other flower varieties, tulips have the ability to undergo a metamorphosis, this is done by allowing it to drink a special coloured fluid. This results in stunning coloured petals. The  […]


We hebben weer een nieuw juweeltje gevonden en deze is toast-waardig! Beschikbaar in beperkte hoeveelheden van april tot november.

Westminster Abbey

Named after Britain’s coronation church, the Westminster Abbey rose shares the same colour as the building’s exterior. The brown beige colour slowly changes to grey as it continues to bloom. This is the most exclusive rose of our time. A favourite amongst brides for it’s large bloom and pleasing fragrance. Westminster Abbey is a spectacular […]

Notre Dame

Notre Dame was discovered amongst a crop of Montmartre. This beautiful mutant has a soft and natural colour with an amazing scent. It’s vase life is good and it’s bloom is in between that of a garden rose and a classic rose. Notre Dame is an individual demanding respect and admiration for choosing it’s own […]


An absolute must-have for the bridal florists! Menta is a very strong rose that is richly filled and completely opens in bloom. Her unique colour is a difficult one to describe, from creamy lavender, silvery pink to mocha and dark vanilla. Her diverse colour makes Menta a flexible rose adjusting to her surroundings to suit […]


We’ve found another new gem and this one is toast-worthy! As insinuated by it’s name this rose has a beautiful champagne colour. As Brut continues it’s bloom it lightens into softer tones. Basking in this rose’s beauty may result in slight light-headedness. Unlike a bottle of Brut, this rose can be enjoyed for 10 days! […]


We are gearing up for a new bridal season and are proud to present Quicksand, new to our collection for 2020. This stunning rose has a classic shape with a touch of attitude. The colour is a soft and sweet champagne tone with a natural, almost pearl-like effect. Quicksand is more than simply stunning to […]

Café Latte

Café Latte is one of our favorites, not only for it’s trendy warm colour and nice fluffy shape but also for it’s lovely sweet fragrance. The colour really is in the name. Café Latte has a creamy, beautiful brown tone. The bloom slowly opens, releasing it’s pleasant aroma. This beauty looks great in all types of […]