Glow in the Dark & Halloween

Perhaps the strangest topping by Vip Roses is our Glow in the Dark topping. These roses absorb light (sunlight or another strong light source) and radiate out into the dark. Each single rose seems to glow beautifully, making them look like rose light bulbs.

We use rose varieties Avalanche, Dolomiti and Athena as well as Anastasia chrysanthemums. The flowers receive a treatment with a glow topping which makes them glow amazingly in the dark or under a black light.

After years of research we have succeeded to treat the roses in such a way that the vase life is not adversely affected. The glow in the dark roses will last just as long as regular roses, and if you dry them, the glow effect will remain for months!

These roses are NOT toxic and are completely safe, however these roses should not be eaten.

Instructions for the best effect:

- For the perfect glowing effect it is important that you charge the roses with light. Preferably with natural sunlight or TL-light or even with a UV lamp.

- Roses glow best when they are directly transferred into the dark after charging. After which they will gradually glow less, but the roses can endlessly be re-charged for renewed glowing.

- The glow in the dark roses are only available in “green glow” because all of our tests have shown that they give by far the most light. 




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