Vip Tulips

These special tulips cannot truly be referred to as a ‘topping’. They have been treated from the bottom up instead of on top. Like many other flower varieties, tulips have the ability to undergo a metamorphosis, this is done by allowing it to drink a special coloured fluid. This results in stunning coloured petals.

TheĀ  flower dye we use is made from natural dyes, contains no (heavy) metals, is biodegradable and does not harm the environment.

As a result of the colour treatment our tulips undergo, the appearance of the tulips’ leaf can sometimes be effected. We advise removing any leaves that are unattractive. Doing this will not harm the tulip.

The tulips are not sent on water. As a result, the stems dry out a little bit. Our advice is to cut 3 cm off the stems and put them on water upon arrival.

Available all year round but not necessarily all varieties.

our Vip Tulips in action

Vip Chrysanthemum

Vip Gypsophila

Vip Paeonia