Step outside of the box.
Tinted flowers

These jazzed up flowers take the world of floristry to a whole new level. From daring and disco to subdued and sweet, there is something to please everyone within our Tinted Flowers selection.

you'll never want
to go back in.

Vip Tulips

Vip Gypsophila

Vip Dianthus


Vip Salix

Vip Anthurium

Vip Eustoma

Vip Allium

Choco Toppings

Vip Chrysanthemum

Vip Chrysanthemum Tros

Vip Lilium

Vip Iris

Vip Freesia

Vip Gerbera

Vip Eucalypthus

Vip Skimmia

Vip Asparagus

Valentine Roses

Wax Roses

Christmas Specials

Bio Glitter

Frost roses

Vip Ornithogalum

Dyed Roses

Vip Ranuncula

Vip Lathyrus

Vip Anemone


Vip Paeonia

Vip Ilex