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Edible Roses

Edible fresh roses “Rosalicious the taste of roses”

-Safe to eat.
-1-2 week shelf life in closed packaging in the refrigerator.
-Only eat the petals, the rest is not that tasteful.
-Perfect for decorating dishes and (wedding) cakes.

Rosalicious edible roses produced by colleague grower Rodewijk rozenĀ are Global G.A.P. certified and safe to eat.

Thanks to the use of natural disease controllers, the petals of Rosalicious are guaranteed natural and therefore edible and healthy. Rosalicious is amongst other things used as the finishing touch in dishes, as cake decoration or as natural confetti in, for example, champagne, water or wine. Optimal shelf life can be attained by keeping the roses cooled in closed packaging.

Rosalicious roses represent love, life and pure delightment. Beautiful, decorative, with a soft taste; these edible roses make a real connection. Between what we feel and what we actually want to say. Between you and me. Sweet, intimate and without words they give you a little kiss on the tongue.

With Rosalicious you celebrate life with everyone that matters. Beautiful, colourful, sparkling and tasteful. And above all, original. Rosalicious is grown in Holland with care and attention by Rodewijk Rozen. We have deployed all our knowledge, experience and craftmanship in growing unsprayed edible roses. These are not only safe to eat but they are also stunning, have an excellent shelf life and a soft taste. Rosalicious is available year-round in five colours (red, yellow, white, pink and orange) and is delivered in convenient packaging.

our Edible Roses in action

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