HopHout Tea

Don’t let this elegant bottle fool you. This is not a sparkling wine or champagne, but an outstanding nonalcoholic alternative to them! It is a sparkling tea. Made by one of our few and fantastic Dutch winemakers. Firma Bruis stumbled upon this recipe by refusing to waste any of their products. Betuws Wijndomein is a winery producing many varieties of wine. For purposes of biodiversity they also grow various wild flowers and hops throughout and along the edges of the vineyard.


An experiment in sustainability resulted in this home grown, cold effervescent tea. It obtains its character and refreshing taste through a cold extraction in a recycled wine vat of chamomile flower, mint, jasmine, vervain and a hint of hops. The fruits, tannins and wood from the wine vat blend subtly integrating smoothly with the wild field tea and the hops. HopHout tea is also pleasing to the eye with its golden champagne tint. It is an exciting gastronomic companion, to be enjoyed on its own or paired with any number of flavours.


Aroma: field herbs, citrus with a whiff of hops and wood

Flavour: pure and refreshing with a bite


Tip: Serve cold and take care while opening.

This product is vegan, environmentally friendly and low in calories.

our HopHout Tea in action

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