Easter evokes thoughts of new life, spring, green grass and blooming flowers. Our sweet baby chicks cradled in a beautiful rose are the perfect addition to your Easter decorations. We’ve composed a variety of topped roses especially for Easter that you are sure have fun with! *Our roses are not for consumption and some contain […]

Vip Tulips

These special tulips cannot truly be referred to as a ‘topping’. They have been treated from the bottom up instead of on top. Like many other flower varieties, tulips have the ability to undergo a metamorphosis, this is done by allowing it to drink a special coloured fluid. This results in stunning coloured petals. The  […]

Vip Dianthus

Ruffles have made a huge come back and with it the dianthus. These delicate and feminine beauties are now available in soft trendy brown tints, making them the perfect addition to your flower arangements. The flower dye we use is made from natural dyes, contains no (heavy) metals, is biodegradable and does not harm the environment.

Vip Chrysanthemum

Vip Antonov, Santini and Topspin This big, beautiful and super strong chrysanthemum has been treated with special trendy colors to complement it’s playful spirit. The Vip Antonov is always delivered in protection nets to ensure the flowers form and protect it’s many petals. As can be expected from this variety, it’s bloom is large and […]

Vip Anthurium

We’ve introduced a new technique to our toolbox. These anthuriums have been airbrushed by hand. They are truly a masterpiece, each one is unique. The soft tints are elegant and the holographic and satin effect are intriguing. Anthuriums should not be left in a temperature below 13 degrees.

Vip Eustoma

It’s all in the details… The fragility of the elegant eustoma is made visible through our tinting process. The dye soaked up by the flower’s stem reveals the fine veins of the flower’s petals. This results in a surprising yet soft effect. And makes for a wonderful addition in bridal work, for something trendy yet […]

Vip Allium

Vip Allium, also called ornamental onion. Beautifully colored veins make this little flower irresistible


Vip Hydrangea Just as an artist begins with a white canvas, we too use white hydrangeas to create these masterpieces. We employ two methods to create these tinted Hydrangeas. One method is allowing the stem to absorb the dye which it expresses in it’s bloom. The second method is to airbrush the blooms themselves. This […]

Dyed Roses

Brownies A rose is classic, and yet there is something to be said for following the trends. Now available in our brownie collection is the rose! Still retaining it’s soft and sweet values but now with an added warmth that is sure to delight the fashion seeker. We are proud to offer the rosa brownie! […]

Vip Gypsophila

This backstage all star is making it’s debut! She’s coming out in an array of pleasing tints to supply that extra oomph for her front stage friends. These soft and sweet muted tints are an awesome addition to today’s modern floristry trends. In May 2021 we changed the coloring process in more natural tints and […]